Oct 2017


Western University Housing and Ancillary Services


designer, animator

The Western University Housing department oversees the entire student residence experience, including residence placements. When it comes to choosing a roommate, Western offers the choice to live with anyone regardless of gender identity or expression. This video was made to inform prospective student of the options available before going to make their decision.

Check out the video:

How I made it:

After creating hand-drawn storyboards, I then used Adobe Illustrator to turn that into custom elements for the video. I had to create the part and pieces seperately to ensure motion would look realistic and natural. Using Adobe After Effects, I animated the elements together into the video you see above! We hired a voice actor to read the narration. Using Adobe Premier I combined the audio track with the animation and rendered the file out using Adobe Media Encoder to ensure low compression and high quality video ready to be shared through email, social media, and on our website!