Nov 2017


Western University Housing and Ancillary Services


animator, designer

The Western University Housing department oversees the entire student residence experience for first year students as well as upper year students. In a marketing push to encourage students to live on campus after first year, I created this explainer infographic video to showcase all the benefits of on-campus life. This video was one piece of a larger campaign including bus shelter ads, billboards, and social media messaging.

Check out the video:

How I made it:

After creating hand-drawn storyboards, I then used Adobe Illustrator to turn that into custom elements for the video. I had to create the part and pieces seperately to ensure motion would look realistic and natural. Using Adobe After Effects, I animated the elements together into the video you see above! We hired a voice actor to read the narration. I rendered the file out using Adobe Media Encoder to ensure low compression and high quality video ready to be shared through email, social media, and on our website!

Print Assets:

In order to engage with the student population on campus, I created a series of billboards, bus shelter posters, targeted FaceBook and Twitter ads, and email promtions with a consistent visual design and message; overhead photos of student groups and the tagline lives on. I created several unique designs for all these mediums in order to reach as many individuals on and around the Western campus.

View the brochure I created about the communities in residence.

Live On Brochure outside

Live On Brochure inside

The Fam billboard sample

Nom noms FaceBook ad sample

The scenic route billboard sample