Feb 2022


Personal Project


front-end web developer

I decided to revamp my portfolio using the GatsbyJS framework to build a super fast static site on the Jamstack. I followed the documentation on Gatsby’s website and a few tutorial videos to create the portfolio from the ground up! Gatsby creates lightning fast static websites from JavaScript and ReactJS which create template pages thst fill in from markdown files. It was a great development process and I am eager to continue using Gatsby for more projects!

My Google Lighthouse score

I styled the page using a mix of cutom SASS/SCSS and React Bootstrap which is based on the Bootstrap 5 library. I am using Gatsby Cloud to host the site as a static site in order to maximize the speed and development workflow. Gatsby Cloud provides a simple setup and web hooks to continually update the site directly from my Github repository!

My Google Lighthouse speed score

I am constantly updating and adding on to this site. Be sure to check back later for more! Who knows what I’ll do next!