Sep 2017


Fanshawe College and the London Economic Development Corporation


front-end web developer

For the cumulative project in my fourth year, Fanshawe College in partnership with the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) tasked student groups to create a campaign centered around a website that would encourag students currently studying at Fanshawe College and Western University to stay and work in London, Ontario. Our group created a website that brought employers closer to the talent available in the city; the students! The site would have records of job openings and a profile of the businesses hiring for the students to learn more. This project placed 1st out of 40+ student groups.

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techLondon homepage on laptop screen

iPhone samples of techLondon website

One of the other initiatives my team came up with was to have a second website dedicated to the advantages of living in London. As students ourselves, we were well aware of the values our target demographic has when choosing a place to start their career. We made sure to include as much information about the city in order to encourage students to consider their future in London.

iPhone samples of yourLondon website